Federico Nardini | PROFILE
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Federico Nardini began his career as a shoe designer in 1994. However, his passion- the manual skill he was blessed with, which allows him to translate ideas into objects and leads him towards ongoing experimentation with materials and details- runs deep. It is rooted in a family for whom shoe manufacturing has always been synonymous with high craftsmanship.

That is why Federico’s career was built around a cornerstone of excellence. His goal is to make one-of-a-kind pieces having both an old-fashioned and contemporary charm. His creations- shoes, bags, accessories- are a summary of our times, they describe the cosmopolitan soul and melting pot of cultures and styles typical of modern-day cities. His is an absolutely original style, stemming from his indefatigable travelling, while his endless creativity allows him to transform objects and details and inject them into his creations.

If this is the style that distinguishes Federico’s creations, the concrete realization of his ideas is anything but modern: handmaking, experimentation, tradition. Every shoe is designed as if it were handmade by an artisan, with all the love and care he inherited from his family, with the savoir faire that only experience can provide, that only a master possesses.

From casual to elegant- stilettos as well as sneakers and vulcanized trainers-, for men and women, bags and accessories, minimalist or more artisan-style. Nardini creations stand out among the crowd for two basic features: research and quality, of both materials and end product.